Q. How much does a Darwin Bike Tour cost?
A.  $70 per person. If you choose an E-Bike it will cost extra.

Q. What should we wear?
A. Something light and comfortable like shorts and light shirt.

Q. What is included in the tour?
A. Local Guide, Bike or E-Bike , Helmet and Bottled Water.

Q. How hot does it get on the ride?
A. That depends on the weather. Darwin is generally warm to hot all year round. We ride to the conditions. We try to stay in the shade as much as possible. If it is very hot we will keep the ride to short legs with plenty of breaks for water. Riding a bike also has the advantage of creating your own airflow. E-Bikes make peddling a breeze.

Q. How long to do tours go for?
A. Darwin Bike Tours are normally for about 3 ½ hours. It depends largely on the fitness of the riders, how far you want to go and if you have to be back by a certain time.  We can be as flexible as you like.

Q. How far do we ride?
A. It’s up to the riders. Normally we cover between fifteen and twenty kilometres.  If riders are fit and happy to ride a bit harder we can go further.

Q. Do you cater for children?
A. Unfortunately no. The business is not large enough to have the equipment needed for young children e.g. child bike seats or child trailers. You can get children’s bikes through Spinway and if they can keep up I’m happy for them to tag along with you, as long as this has been discussed and agreed to prior.

If you have a special request or particular question please don’t hesitate to email or call Mark at Darwin Bike Tours on 0487 453 488

The map below is an example route.  Your tour may vary depending in how far you want to go and the weather.