Welcome to Darwin Bike Tours

Experience Darwin with a half day guided bike tour. Explore the city and surrounds, discover the history and culture, see our stunning beaches, parks and be entertained by a local guide.  The standard tour is the Darwin Morning Tour, it’s a good introduction to Darwin and covers most of the highlights. Mornings are cooler and good for cycling.

Tours can be for one person or more. Tours operate all year round. You can choose your preferred size and style bike as you book.

Each tour outlines various sites, history and culture of Darwin. Highlights include:
  • Why Darwin is where it is and how it got it’s name
  • The Overland Telegraph Line, a story of unsung heroes and tragedy
  • The North South Railway that took a little while to build
  • Asian history and influence in Darwin. It’s so much more than food, but try the Laksa
  • The Darwin Rebellion: an untold story of bullies, beer, barmaids, butchers, an angry mob and a missing fence
  • Darwin as a frontier for aviation, heroic aviators and aviatrixes with stories of triumph and tragedy
  • The history of Darwin and Japan: a stories of pearls, war, steel and gas, redemption and forgiveness
  • Facts and myths about the bombing of Darwin, heroes and shame
  • Our Parliament House, Territory Library and Government House
  • The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
  • The Botanic Gardens with living evidence of Gondwanaland
  • Stories of Cyclone Tracey: how it wiped out a capitol city and how it affected generations
  • Find excellent cafes and markets, and
  • You will also see plenty of wildlife during a tour. ‘Ta Ta’ lizards, bush chooks and their enormous nests, red tailed cockatoos, kites, fish and maybe even a croc

Tours are designed for people with average fitness and riding ability. Half day tours are 3 ½ hours from start to finish with plenty of stops to drink water, take photos and discover some things in more detail. Most tours average between 15 to 25km depending on the weather and how riders are feeling. Each tour includes a longer rest stop at a cafe somewhere along the way.

The bikes are 21 speed hybrids (cross between mountain bike and road bike). They are ideal for path and trail riding. There are four sizes available, small, medium, large and extra large. There are mens and unisex (ladies step through) models in each size except extra large. You can choose your preferred style and size of bike when you book.

Darwin Bike Tours is a small owner operated business and I love what I do. I get great enjoyment running the tours and my big reward is having happy customers. I take your safety seriously: from the quality of the bikes, the helmets, making sure you have plenty of sunscreen, drinking plenty of water during the ride and setting the right pace to make sure you enjoy the ride but don’t over do it. The aim is to have fun, be entertained, get close to the scenery and learn a few things about this wonderful place.

If you have any questions or have a special request please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Darwin Bike Tours Morning Tour – Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory